Who doesn’t love paying less in taxes? Sure most people do especially those in real estate investments!

Tune in to this episode and find out effective ways to reduce tax liabilities with Joe Viery, the Founder and President of US Tax Advisors Group Inc. By using legal, IRS compliant and proven tax planning structures combined with effective engineered based studies, he specializes in working with those who want to protect their assets and create wealth. His wisdom and knowledge would surely blow you away!


  • What is “cost segregation”?
  • How does cost segregation for single and multi families applicable to the average person who buys properties?
  • What is “depreciation”?
  • How to accelerate depreciation?
  • Can cost segregation now be used in smaller properties?
  • Legal techniques that IRS use
  • Sample calculation on a property’s depreciation
  • Things that one needs to know if this is a good fit for them?
  • Passive losses vs Active losses
  • What is “depreciation recapture”?
  • Short term vs. Long term capital gains
  • Can you do depreciation recapture without cost segregation?
  • How does 1031 exchange work?
  • What is a “bonus depreciation” and how does it work?
  • What are the parameters in being able to use that bonus depreciation of writing it all off? 
  • Can bonus depreciation be applied to all properties?


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