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#072: Rent Collections and a COVID-19 Market Update

Focusing on national trends means you’ll miss the data from your own backyard. Heather Marchant and I talk about the difference between the national rent collection trend touted in the news with our own personal experience. Real estate, like rent collection, is all about the local trends, and we prove that to you today.

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#067: Find Tenants and Never Lose Money Again

It’s no secret: Vacancies cost you money. Heather Marchant and I talk about all of the different strategies we’ve used over the years to creatively get and keep tenants in our apartments and houses. By approaching this problem from a math position and removing the emotion, you can reduce the common mistakes many landlords make.

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#051: This Is How We Turnkey – With Eric Brewer

No matter how many times we say it, people still expect to jump into the real estate business and have an easy time with it. So today we’ve got Eric Brewer on the show – not only is he at the top of his game and building a real estate empire, but he knows better than anyone how much effort it takes to get (and stay) at the top.

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#040: How To Minimize Vacancy in Your Rental Properties

Tenant turnover costs property owners money. You lose a month’s rent at a minimum while looking for another tenant and doing minor repairs. Learn tactics for avoiding turnover on this podcast. To start, find good tenants. If in a market flooded with similar vacancies, give an incentive for choosing yours. Be responsive to repair requests. You know this stuff, but it’s good to get a ‘booster shot’ from the pros.

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#037: Getting Your Head Straight About Raising Your Rents

Do you know how to correctly address setting rental rates at your properties? It’s math, but it’s math with a lot of moving parts to consider. Raising rents causes tenants to reconsider their situation. If you lose a tenant, you lose income for a month at minimum. And if you purchase property that’s not been taken care of, you may have to displace every tenant so renovation can be done. It’s not an easy calculation.

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#034: In One Word – Why To Invest in Real Estate

This episode hits on the various ways real estate investing leverages your money. There really is no other investment that offers the same financial leverage as real estate. It gives you cash flow, value appreciation, depreciation on income taxes and doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started. Learn this and more about the advantages of real estate investing as Ron and Angela share their knowledge in a fast-paced format.

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#032: Not Your Typical Advice: Contrarian Strategies For Real Estate

Ron Phillips and Angela Thomas talk about all the advice that’s out there and how to tell the good from the bad. Some bad advice has a kernel of truth, and a lot of seemingly good advice can pull you away from doing what you do best. The most stellar move you can make is to find a local mentor who you respect and learn by working with/for him or her.

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