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#029: Cost Segregation With Warren Taryle

Warren Tayrle is the guest for this episode of the Get Real Podcast. Warren is a CPA who focuses on tax savings for his wealth building clients. We learn about the advantages the 2018 tax revisions provide to real estate investors. We also learn about reaping those advantages using cost segregation. Warren suggests you have a CPA that will help you plan your tax strategy throughout the year.

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#025: How To Buy Apartments – With Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson is an immensely successful investor in apartments and has managed and acquired over $95 million in real estate across the country. Corey is regularly interviewed by business journalists; he’s spoken at Harvard and at NASDAQ and is a best-selling author. Hear how Corey got started in the business and what some of his methods are. He’s a big private money user, an educator, and an all-around great guy.

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