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#066: How To Survive And Thrive As A New Entrepreneur with Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas checks in with me today, giving me the low-down on her entrepreneurial journey. She shares how networking has helped accelerate her growth, why she reads constantly, and how breaking down tasks into small steps helps her feel less paralyzed by the work she has to do.

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#045: The Break Up – Why Create a Culture of Growth

Break ups happen every day. Eventually, it’s time for an employee to move on and do their own thing; especially if you’ve got an entrepreneurial-minded person on your team. But don’t let this hinder you from hiring an entrepreneur in the first place; it could come back to haunt you. Today, we’re going to explain why.

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#015: Lions, Productivity And Real Success

The subject is the social media trend of people bragging about working ridiculous numbers of hours… calling themselves lions and everyone else sheep. It makes Ron and Angela crazy. They know that success doesn’t require working 80-hour weeks. Success requires team building, working smart, focus, taking time to think, and enjoying a full life.

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