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#034: In One Word – Why To Invest in Real Estate

This episode hits on the various ways real estate investing leverages your money. There really is no other investment that offers the same financial leverage as real estate. It gives you cash flow, value appreciation, depreciation on income taxes and doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started. Learn this and more about the advantages of real estate investing as Ron and Angela share their knowledge in a fast-paced format.

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#032: Not Your Typical Advice: Contrarian Strategies For Real Estate

Ron Phillips and Angela Thomas talk about all the advice that’s out there and how to tell the good from the bad. Some bad advice has a kernel of truth, and a lot of seemingly good advice can pull you away from doing what you do best. The most stellar move you can make is to find a local mentor who you respect and learn by working with/for him or her.

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#025: How To Buy Apartments – With Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson is an immensely successful investor in apartments and has managed and acquired over $95 million in real estate across the country. Corey is regularly interviewed by business journalists; he’s spoken at Harvard and at NASDAQ and is a best-selling author. Hear how Corey got started in the business and what some of his methods are. He’s a big private money user, an educator, and an all-around great guy.

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#023: Increasing Your Cash Flow Today – With Chris Miles

Ron and Angela get real about managing your financial assets for cash flow. Their guest, Chris Miles, is the self-named anti-financial advisor because he never advises clients to buy additional mutual funds because the return would never replace current income. Chris makes sure that his client’s money is used to its best purpose. He’s a good friend and good source of referrals to RP Capital.

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#017: Why Helping Others Is Your Fast Track To Success

The topic is that building a successful business is about helping others reach their goals. If clients are happy with the service and the financial growth they experience, they come back to invest more. Happy employees learn and earn. They feel empowered to act on the company’s behalf, thus increasing the company’s ability to grow. Plus, helping other people feels good.

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#016: Investing In Your Backyard, Or Out Of State?

Let’s get real about investing outside of your comfort zone and outside of your neighborhood. If you feel like you need to be able to drive to your properties, get over it. Find a good property manager, get out of the way and let the property generate cash flow. You want income, right? You need cash flow. A good property manager can save you money and heartache and bring in cash flow.

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