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#039: How to Enjoy The Journey To Success

While working toward goals is a good thing, it is not everything. Many people, even smart investors, say they are building wealth now and will enjoy it later. Not a good plan. You can learn to find joy in everyday things. Ron and Angela believe it has to do with the satisfaction of living your vision and recommend that you listen again to episodes 26 and 27 with Shaun McCloskey. Shaun teaches about establishing and living your vision.

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#027: Creating Your Life Vision – With Shaun McCloskey, Part 2

Shaun McCloskey is the guest. He provides a pared-down version of his life vision/life plan training. Acting on this information truly can change your life as Ron can attest. Write your vision; then fine-tune it. Be honest with yourself about the full 4-step process and how it fits your life and your business. Understand that the 1st step is the most important and deserves your full attention.

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#026: Creating Your Life Vision – With Shaun McCloskey, Part 1

Shaun McCloskey is Ron and Angela’s guest and he Gets Real about having a life vision and a life plan. He coaches business owners on creating and sticking with their vision. He’d seen too many people burn out running a business that was really running them… too much divorce and too much unhappiness. This is important.

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#021: I’ve Arrived At My Destination… Now What?

What happens when you gain financial freedom and no longer need to work? What will you do that keeps you motivated? Ron and Angela believe it’s important to write up a plan of what your non-working life will look like. A plan keeps you from flailing and being lonely at the beginning of this new phase of your life. It’s time to get real about what financial freedom really looks like.

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#020: Should You “Follow Your Passion” To Be Successful In Business?

We are getting real about whether it’s true that if you follow your passion, you’ll never really work a day in your life. People say this regularly, but is it true for all successful people? Both Angela and Ron admit real estate investing is not their passion… but they love doing it and love that it gives them the financial latitude to follow their true passions.

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