A refreshing look at the good, the bad… and the crazy .

A refreshing look at the good, the bad… and the crazy challenges business owners face while building a profitable business and a beautiful life. Real estate investing Power-preneurs Ron Phillips and Angela Thomas pull back the curtain, cut through the hype – and help you Get Real about success…!

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    • Getting Real about Real Estate Investing

      We get into every aspect of investing and aren’t afraid to share the good, the bad, and the truly horrifying.

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      Listen to our show and gain access to insider tips, tricks, and exclusive tools to help you on your investing journey.

    • The Best Brains in the Industry

      Enough said. 😉

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Our Team

Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips is the Founder and CEO of RP Capital ‒ a Real Estate Brokerage specializing in residential income-producing properties. Ron is a leader among leaders… a trainer, coach, and mentor in the real estate investment world. He has an unstoppable passion for helping busy professionals & hard-working folks get out of debt, increase their income and net worth, and play the real estate investment game and WIN.

Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas is a business executive, philanthropist, and music snob. Angela helped found RpCapital in 2012. She now handles tech and marketing for RpCapital with her company VATechs.

Born in Napa, California she began her college career at the age of 14 and graduated Brigham Young University at 18. Angela previously served as a district manager for a international retail corporation where she was influential in expansion and year over year growth. 

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