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#044: Adversity – Gift or Curse?

If you’ve ever wanted to be even mildly successful at something, you are going to be faced with adversity. When Ron broke four of his fingers six weeks ago, he hit a wall in his workout routine. He became sluggish, and what was once a morning routine started to effect his whole day. Ron had to burst out of his slump and find a new way to work out – and he did! Find out how in today’s episode.

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#042: So You Put An Investment Property Under Contract…

When you put your first investment property under contract, your immediate reaction will be to panic. If you don’t get your fear under control then you’re going to suffer a lot of sleepless nights, and you’ll waste money. That’s why we’re here to look at this whole process as logically as possible, and prepare you for whatever you might come across.

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#020: Should You “Follow Your Passion” To Be Successful In Business?

We are getting real about whether it’s true that if you follow your passion, you’ll never really work a day in your life. People say this regularly, but is it true for all successful people? Both Angela and Ron admit real estate investing is not their passion… but they love doing it and love that it gives them the financial latitude to follow their true passions.

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