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#068: How to Bear-Proof Your Retirement Funds

Have you ever thought about using your IRA to buy cattle and earn “cowpital” and “bovidends”? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but you can do some really cool stuff with a non-recourse loan in an IRA. I talk to Mountain West IRA owner and founder Jon Galane about the stock market, the real estate market, and where the two can stampede together inside a self-directed IRA.

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#067: Find Tenants and Never Lose Money Again

It’s no secret: Vacancies cost you money. Heather Marchant and I talk about all of the different strategies we’ve used over the years to creatively get and keep tenants in our apartments and houses. By approaching this problem from a math position and removing the emotion, you can reduce the common mistakes many landlords make.

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#066: How To Survive And Thrive As A New Entrepreneur with Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas checks in with me today, giving me the low-down on her entrepreneurial journey. She shares how networking has helped accelerate her growth, why she reads constantly, and how breaking down tasks into small steps helps her feel less paralyzed by the work she has to do.

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#065: Stop Being Overwhelmed and Start Getting Creative

I know your business isn’t going to look the same tomorrow as it did two months ago. We’re in a rapidly shifting economy, but I think there could be a lot of opportunities for business leaders who are nimble enough to transition quickly to the new rules. By embracing virtual work, cutting the fat in your business expenses, and running toward marketing while everyone else is running away from it, you’re going to be able to continue making deals.

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#064: Find the Certain Opportunities In an Uncertain Market

The news cycle might be a never-ending stream of negativity right now, but Heather and I can only see opportunities. If you want to come through this economic uncertainty, then you’ll want to focus on marketing, human capital, and trimming the fat in your business. Your business will be able to come out of this stronger than ever if you shift your sights on serving your customers’ needs at this very moment.

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#063: Lean In, Don’t Lean Out

The Coronavirus has impacted the whole world in magnanimous ways and it has brought about fear in many industries and in our personal lives. The real estate industry is no exception. I talk with Heather Marchant about some of the ways this global crisis has affected the real estate industry and how people in the industry can still make money without putting others in a tighter financial pinch.

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#062: What Does A Turnkey Property Really Mean?

We throw around the phrase “turnkey investments” a lot, and I’m not sure we really know what that means. I talk with Heather Marchant about some of the bare minimum effort required by investors, even if they purchase a turnkey property. And I offer some suggestions for where to park your money if you’re not ready for a turnkey property.

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#059: Rent Control: Does It Really Solve High Rent Problems?

From a tenant’s point of view, rent control sounds amazing. A stable rent that doesn’t increase despite outside market forces is attractive, especially in a growing city with an out of control real estate prices. Ron lays down the landlord’s point of view in a passionate explanation about the importance of supply and demand, and why rent control could damage the economy.

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