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#034: In One Word – Why To Invest in Real Estate

This episode hits on the various ways real estate investing leverages your money. There really is no other investment that offers the same financial leverage as real estate. It gives you cash flow, value appreciation, depreciation on income taxes and doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started. Learn this and more about the advantages of real estate investing as Ron and Angela share their knowledge in a fast-paced format.

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#033: Why Being Afraid of Stuff Will Make You a Crappy Investor

The show is about fear and how paralyzing it can be for anyone. It is particularly an enemy of entrepreneurs because it takes guts to start your own business. Inner voices will tell you all the ways you can fail. Even some of your friends or family might tell you that. You’ve got to determine if the joy in gain is greater than your fear of loss and move on.

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