We met John Kwant in about 2015 in a group we use to attend that is related to Real Estate. He ended up connecting with us and got easily interested in owning a Rental Property. At first, he owned a Single Family and from there, his portfolio starts growing and continuously growing today.

John Kwant is a Dentist and also a Stock Market Investor in the past. He got interested in Real Estate because his mom was a Real Estate Agent before. Due to curiosity, he starts thinking about it and starts studying, digging what are the core aspects and the process to start investing in Real Estate. And that’s how he came across and met us!  

A story and testimonials of one of our successful clients who starts from scratch and now earning digits he never thought of. Watch and you’ll know how REAL ESTATE can change your LIFE!


  • How John got interested in REAL ESTATE.  
  • Talks about IRA
  • The Feeling of having so much property.
  • Setbacks and Issues in Investing in Real Estate.
  • The effects of having Good IRA Performance.
  • The importance of getting and updating offers from Investors.
  • The Contrast Between Stock Market and Real Estate.
  • The Essence of Constantly Learning.
  • The Difference in Mindsets of Different People.
  • The disadvantage of being a LOW HANGING FRUIT.
  • Advantages of LLC.
  • Regrets about NOT starting earlier.
  • Investing in Long Term Assets that produce Cash Flow.
  • Leverage Planning.
  • Thinking about your future ahead.
  • Property Management Issues and Problems.

If you need help with anything in real estate, please email: invest@rpcinvest.com


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