Social Media is one of the FASTEST ways to become updated on what’s happening, especially during crisis or turn of events like this current pandemic.

Meanwhile, some people are using these platforms to MISLEAD and give FALSE INFORMATION to those people that have no or have limited knowledge in a specific scenario.

In this episode, Ron and Heather describe what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Single Parent, especially the benefits it can get and what should be the Government’s actions to help those people who are stuck, trap and don’t have the power to lift themselves away from poverty. 


  • The Story of A Single Parent.
  • Pointing Out the Benefits of Being a Single Parent.
  • Explaining the Difference and Comparing the True to Life Single Parent & the Misleading Facebook Post.
  • Giving thoughts and Advice that you can use and share in real life.
  • How Financial Education will give a BIG impact on the situation.
  • Negative thinking and taking no action with the problem makes it more complicated.
  • How to help people that are STUCK with the same problem.
  • Ron shares his horrible experience using a Government Program.
  • Understanding what people really NEED HELP with.
  • Lessons you learn in the story.
  • 2 Takeaways of this Episode.


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