First off, we sincerely apologize for the delay in posting the weekly episode since Ron got infected with Covid-19. The good news is, he is now doing well and back on track to produce HIGHLY Informative Real Estate Podcasts!

Back to the topic. One of our clients sent a message to us about an article that’s so Interesting that Ron and Heather didn’t hesitate to make this a TOPIC in this Episode. Surely you will love this and for sure, you will get tons of ideas that you may use for your business. Watch till the end!


  • I Own Six Homes and Lost It All With Real Estate Investing.
  • Knowing & Owning Real Estate, Managing Real Estate, and Running Real Estate is a Whole Different Ball Game.
  • Not Having a Proper Cash Flow & The Problem of NOT Hiring a Property Manager.
  • Understanding your Reserves Need to Be & Areas You Need to Avoid.
  • The Bad Effect of Rushing and Using Shortcuts in Creating a Portfolio.
  • The Importance Of Having a Mentor.
  • Importance of Buying houses in Neighborhoods that you would be Okay living in.
  • Start to Educate Yourself On What’s Going On By Joining Investments Groups, Talk to People and Seek Mentors.
  • Extremely Conservative When Estimating Your Costs Before You Buy A Property.
  • Get the Right People On Your Team and Have a Team.


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