In today’s real estate climate of artificially low interest rates and everyone’s almost a buyer, many have questioned whether or not the 6% commission given to realtors is worth it? It’s quite a HUGE margin and it’s crazy how it’s structured and regulated. 

This episode will UNCOVER the truth as Ron Philipps and guest Dave Payerchin, the Co-Founder of Sell House Columbus and Columbus Turnkey Houses, share their point of view in this matter. 


  • Dave Payerchin presents a comparison of realtor commissions from the other countries based on the report of Wall Street Journal.
  • How does the 6% realtor commission compete with the larger firms?
  • When the market turns, things always change.
  • If the market softens, it’s gonna be hard to charge more than 6%.
  • What value do you bring to the table?
  • Aside from realtors, who else gets affected in losing market shares to large companies?
  • In the entire structure, do you need to charge more commissions in order to survive?
  • How can a block chain technology transform this thing?
  • You have to control marketing to control the market.
  • Helping realtors get on that level of marketing and stepping up their games


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