Today’s episode talks about Ron and Heather’s standpoints regarding the latest article from Time Magazine which gave emphasis on how booming the real estate business is despite the pandemic while millions of American renters struggle in paying their rents and other daily expenses due to losing jobs. 

The pandemic has forced families to spend more time at home. Thus, creating a higher demand in bigger spaces and considering moving to suburban areas to take advantage of the cheapest mortgage rates.

The whole point of the article was that the rules should be changed to make it easier for the renters who have insufficient savings to become homeowners because homeowners are better off than renters. IS IT REALLY TRUE and IS IT NECESSARY that rules have to be changed? 

Does the news give us the AMPLE INFORMATION? Or is it FILTHY at all?

Learn more about the News Article and what Ron and Heather have to say.


  • House prices going way up due to the normal economic cycle – Supply and Demand 
  • Reasons why there’s high demand and shortage of  real estate property 
  • Housing markets during the 2008 recession vs. the 2020 pandemic
  • How can house prices go up affecting hard working people around the country because their property value goes up?
  • FHA Loans and EIDL Loans
  • Should we be somehow affording a person who can’t come up with (a $3500) the ability to buy a $100k house? 
  • What are the filthy or gray areas in the article that are quite misleading to readers?
  • Truth behind the following assumptions. Is it a SHOCKER during the pandemic? Or has it been this way even before covid-19:
  • Homeowners are better off financially than people who rent
  • Renters are disproportionately hurt by the crisis
  • Long before pandemic hits, everyone has the right to own a home but is it necessary to buy one if you really have insufficient funds to pay for it? 
  • Understand what you are signing from the beginning to avoid worse financial situations


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