Anybody in business faces the risk of litigation and liabilities including those in the real estate industry. So if you are a property owner,  it is best to get your substantial assets protected the earliest time possible! 

How? Look no further and listen to this episode as Bob Bluhm shares his expertise in asset protection. He is also a lawyer for over 3 decades and started his career in the legal world as a trial attorney. Now Bob Bluhm is also tagged as one of the renowned national speakers.


  • What is an “Asset Protection”?
  • Who should be concerned about asset protection?
  • How important is asset protection in real estate?
  • What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and how does it work?
  • How important is the structure of LLC?
  • What happens if you get the other aspects of the structure wrong?
  • Does fake LLC usually happen?
  • If you mess this piece up, how does it allow some litigator to tear your LLC to shred?
  • What does it mean by “piercing the corporate veil”?
  • How do we look at structuring for someone with a substantial amount of assets to be protected?
  • How essential is an overall plan or a visual structure of the company for the protection?
  • When to use a Family Limited Partnership, Trust and LLC?
  • What does another entity in place of LLC do?
  • What level of asset should a person step over insurance and start doing entity structure?
  • Offense and defense in acquiring a property
  • Getting the best people in your team to help you with both the offense and the defense in keeping your assets


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