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#010: Why Self-Education Is The Key To Success

Today’s podcast is about getting the education you need to succeed… self-education to be precise. Angela and Ron get real about our education system, which teaches students to repeat facts instead of teaching the skills needed for business and life. They recommend searching out the information you need for yourself using free resources like the internet and the library.

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#008: Should You Become An Accredited Investor?

Today’s podcast is about accredited investing. Many people don’t know such a designation exists. The SEC set it up to protect people from getting into investments that are too rich for them. Accredited investments are largely unadvertised since so few people qualify for them. The deals don’t always have greater return than regular investments, though many do have greater potential.

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#006: Are You The Servant or The Master?

Today’s podcast is about taking charge of your financial situation and not letting debt hold you back. Get real with yourself by taking a truthful look at your attitudes toward money. Do you pay off debt and then repeat the cycle? Have you turned down business or social opportunities because of debt? Work toward becoming the master of your financial situation.

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