Living a meaningful life, doing whatever we love and leaving something behind specially for our loved ones are our main goals in life. Everything in this world is temporary; we are all going to die. It’s true and this is a natural human thing. 

Unfortunately, this topic can seem intimidating and for some, it’s simply too morbid to think about. Whatever the case, we need to do estate planning to protect our assets and the ones we love. 

Listen in and follow these guides on how and why we should protect our family and assets to make sure our legacy lives on with the ones we love!


  • Know what kind of impact were having on people around us
  • The story of Ron’s first seminar/event and what he learned from it
  • Make sure you have the type of impact and legacy you want
  • Treat people right and they will continue to do business with you
  • Educate the next generation about all your real estate portfolio
  • How to set up a mechanism on how to properly manage your financial legacy
  • Is your financial house in order?


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