Jack Bosch is famously known as the “Land Guy”  in the real estate industry. Born and raised in Germany, he got an opportunity for an exchange program where he studied for a Masters Degree in the United States. Before becoming a successful businessman, he worked for a software company as a Business Analyst working 70-80 hours per week. He and his wife realized that this is not the trajectory for their life and can’t get financially dependent on it. So they decided to take action! They started doing a side hustle, real estate investing, until it became their main source of steady income and built massive wealth.

Land Flipping is one of the proven ways to make money in Real Estate! Tune in to discover how to flip land for less time, money and effort and make some serious profit!


  • How to do deals without any mortgage, appraisers or estimate repairs
  • Can you make the same money with a land flip without all the process that you do with a house flip?
  • How to do seller financing in Land Investing?
  • What is “forever cash” or “lifetime cashflow”?
  • How to create a model and automate your business
  • What’s the biggest stumbling block when starting your business?
  • What is the 5 Step System?
  • How to find the best mentor or coach for you?
  • Is Land flipping good for you?



Jack Bosch, “The Land Guy” – real estate guru and co-founder of Orbit Investments. Starting with nothing but two suitcases and a mountain of student debt, Jack immigrated to the US from Germany in 1997. Seeking out his own version of the American Dream, Jack bought and sold over 4000 pieces of property and was able to help build his company Orbit Investments into the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the US! Jack co-owns his company with his wife Michelle and together they believe that everything you do in life is a matter of the heart, even money. In 2008 after seeing the devastation in the housing market, Jack and Michelle set out on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge and transform the lives of others by sharing the land investment techniques and strategies that have made them a success. Their “land flipping” strategy has given thousands of people the opportunity to get into the real estate game without the challenges and roadblocks of traditional real estate investing.


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