Being vulnerable is often perceived as a sign of weakness. We are afraid to be judged or disliked. But if we have the courage to be vulnerable, everything will change.

Inviting vulnerability in our company promotes authenticity and connection. An open-work environment shifts everyone’s thinking from fear to being open. It also creates a space to let other people suggestions and ideas into their head. Sharing everyone’s shortcomings and problems, can get powerful advice from other people and will therefore lead to a more efficient and productive organization.

In this episode, you will learn how vulnerability can help you become a better leader. You’ll also learn why it is important to join a mastermind group to propel your business into the next level!


  • What does it mean being vulnerable as a businessman?
  • Sharing the honest truth about what really going about your business/life  can make a powerful impact
  • Take your weakness and turn it into strength
  • Vulnerability allows people to see who we really are
  • Admitting we have a weakness and sharing it to the RIGHT group, is a sign of strength.
  • Being humble is not being weak
  • You can’t compare yourself at your worst to someone else at their best lied version of their self
  • Create a beautiful culture in your company where everyone is welcome to give suggestions  and opinions.
  • Accept constructive, honest and direct feedback with grace and integrate it into your life
  • Be real and authentic
  • What is a mastermind?
  • What are the things you’ll learn from a mastermind group?


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