How much understanding do you have on how money works in your road to financial wealth? 

Here with us today is John Dwyer, the President and CEO of Solid Rock Financial Group. Since 2009, he has spent educating people on how wealth really works, what the implications on taxation are, and how money works in distribution. His expertise includes helping others understand and navigate the course of their wealth to be in control of their money for once in their life. 

Listen to this episode to find out John’s unique financial model in building a solid foundation plan! John will guide you in understanding the truth about money and taxes and how market volatility can kill you. He believes that money isn’t something micro, but MACRO which can greatly affect our financial decisions. 


  • What are the most common mistakes people make when building and keeping wealth in the distribution side?
  • What are the three components in the financial world?
  • What does it mean by “wealth transfers”?
  • Tax income deduction vs Tax income reduction
  • How do you eventually not ever talk to the IRAs again?
  • What is Roth IRA and how is it set up?
  • What does “safe withdrawal rate theory” mean?
  • If they are a great asset, how do we position their capital to where they have their cash liquidity for opportunity?
  • How do you utilize every tax benefit to lower tax overflow?
  • Understanding the importance of establishing a plan and what you want to accomplish


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