If you are stuck and want to break out from working hard and controlling every decision in your real estate business. A proper blueprint or recipe will assist you in designing your best business strategy. 

In today’s episode, Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider from REI Blueprint, will guide you and give you the kick you need to start taking massive actions that will eventually make a better life for you and your family!


  • How does the REI blueprint work?
  • What you’ll learn from your failures?
  • How to protect yourself from a downturn?
  • 4 Things You’ll Learn From A Downturn
  1. You’ve gotta have a recipe or blueprint
  2. Take massive action
  3. Have mentors and coach
  4. Vision
  • Recognize who you are and what your style and your difference and use it as your strength
  • Figure out your superpower
  • What changed Jason’s way of business?
  • Do you think the recipe for business success is the same?
  • Why people get caught up in the mechanics of real estate.
  • Understanding on how to run the real estate business will make you successful
  • How do you take massive action without selling your soul to your business?
  • Work on your wheelhouse and your true strength
  • The things you’re good at are the things you enjoy doing
  • What is Massive action on a collective scale?
  • How to work smart?
  • Put the right people in the right places
  • You have to Empower people to grow
  • Time is our most valuable resource
  • What is the curve of the compound effect?
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable


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Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider have always been fascinated by the world of real estate. In 2001,while still in their early 20’s, Jason and Rachel decided that instead of working for someone else, they would rather be in charge of their own destiny and opened a mortgage company. They eventually built that business into a multi-million dollar company,where they closed over 3000 real estate transactions.Then the market crashed and they had to find a new way to use their real estate talents. That is when they went into real estate investing and started down a new path. Implementing the real estate strategies they have honed over time they have since closed well north of 300+ real estate transactions(pre-foreclosures/short sales, wholesales, probates, etc.)Having seen pretty much everything, they decided tofunnel that expertise into their true passion;sharing their knowledge with other investors. They now run a top coaching program with the nation’s leading investors, owna profitable hard money lending company, with over 2 million dollars in loans out to their coaching students at any given time, share their wealth of knowledge as co-owners of their localREIA all the while continuing to flip houses.


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