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#076: LLCs: Protect Your Business & Personal Assets

Don’t wait until you’re facing a lawsuit and it’s too late to protect all of your assets. Set up an LLC today, and separate your business properties from your personal property. Jim Burch from Easy Legal Planning answers all of your LLC questions and dispels common misconceptions that could land you in legal hot water.

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#063: Lean In, Don’t Lean Out

The Coronavirus has impacted the whole world in magnanimous ways and it has brought about fear in many industries and in our personal lives. The real estate industry is no exception. I talk with Heather Marchant about some of the ways this global crisis has affected the real estate industry and how people in the industry can still make money without putting others in a tighter financial pinch.

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#062: What Does A Turnkey Property Really Mean?

We throw around the phrase “turnkey investments” a lot, and I’m not sure we really know what that means. I talk with Heather Marchant about some of the bare minimum effort required by investors, even if they purchase a turnkey property. And I offer some suggestions for where to park your money if you’re not ready for a turnkey property.

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