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#032: Not Your Typical Advice: Contrarian Strategies For Real Estate

Ron Phillips and Angela Thomas talk about all the advice that’s out there and how to tell the good from the bad. Some bad advice has a kernel of truth, and a lot of seemingly good advice can pull you away from doing what you do best. The most stellar move you can make is to find a local mentor who you respect and learn by working with/for him or her.

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#028: Wholesaling And Negotiating 101 – With Larry Goins

You can have a scaled-back organization and intense focus and do more business than larger companies.
In business, you have to accelerate the splat; in other words, act on the things that make a difference.
When you’re starting out, the most valuable thing you can have is a mentor.
Never stop learning; continue to attend (and pay for) seminars and learn how others do it.

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#013: What Leveraging OPM Really Means

Ron and Angela use Other People’s Money in their business to buy rental properties. They’re experts on the subject and are now sharing their knowledge with you. They explain various methods for correctly leveraging OPM, and explain why some methods are rare or just plain wrong. Private lenders and creative types of owner financing are discussed.

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