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#042: So You Put An Investment Property Under Contract…

When you put your first investment property under contract, your immediate reaction will be to panic. If you don’t get your fear under control then you’re going to suffer a lot of sleepless nights, and you’ll waste money. That’s why we’re here to look at this whole process as logically as possible, and prepare you for whatever you might come across.

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#039: How to Enjoy The Journey To Success

While working toward goals is a good thing, it is not everything. Many people, even smart investors, say they are building wealth now and will enjoy it later. Not a good plan. You can learn to find joy in everyday things. Ron and Angela believe it has to do with the satisfaction of living your vision and recommend that you listen again to episodes 26 and 27 with Shaun McCloskey. Shaun teaches about establishing and living your vision.

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