Those who are wondering how to build wealth in real estate should consider using the BRRRR Method. This is one of the best investing strategies for beginners or starters in real estate since the price of the property will usually be below market value. Real estate investors have been using this strategy for years and has proven to be a good way to build financial independence, but this method is not for everyone!

In this episode, we will deep dive into the meaning of BRRRR strategy and learn how to invest using this method!


  • What is the BRRRR Strategy?
  • What are the different phases of BRRRR Strategy?
  • What does good management do to your company? 
  • How to manage rental properties properly?
  • How to do the due diligence on rental properties?
  • Should you manage your own properties?
  • How to manage the property?
  • Is it important to keep records of your renovation process?
  • Do you need to network when doing the BRRRR method?
  • Why you need to implement referrals in your business?


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Mike Pulley has been in real estate for as long as he can remember. Having seen his father’s success partnering with real estate investors for both residential and commercial property he discovered a desire to pursue a similar path.

Over the years Mike has built a solid foundation of clients through his development services. Mike has closed residential lease and sales transactions valued over $45 million. His specific areas of expertise include historical tax credits, market knowledge, renovation planning, transaction management and financial structuring.

Mike specializes in applying his expertise in the real estate industry by aiding in property evaluations, maintaining investor relationships and communication with property management.

Family is the driving force behind all of his endeavors. Mike has been married to his wife Tracy for 14 years; his greatest accomplishment in life is the family they have created. He dedicates his free time to his wife and his two daughters. He can often be found playing hockey, riding bikes or even sharing some real estate know how. He is currently mentoring his 12 year old daughter as she purchased her first rental properties..


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